AFTER HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION 2017-18

A Parent Teacher meeting took place on 27/10/2017 of class I-V in Primary section. The Parents were shown the answer sheets of Half Yearly Examination. They were very happy to know about the  “ Fun Day” Being organized on first, third and fourth Saturday of every month. Many of them showed their interest to contribute in celebrating “ Fun Day”. The percentage of attendance in this meeting is mentioned below.

CLASS                                  PERCENTAGE OF ATTENDANCE OF GUARDIAN

I A                                                                               86.36

I B                                                                               87.5

II A                                                                             82.6

II B                                                                             76

III A                                                                           76.19

III B                                                                            90.24

IV A                                                                          89

IV B                                                                          76.19

V A                                                                           57

V B                                                                           76        








( S. Bhardwaj)                                                                                                          (D.K.Srivastava)


Head Mistress                                                                                                              Principal

PTM & TLM Exhibition on 26-08-2017

“Parent Teacher Meeting” of class II to V was held on 26-08-2017. The same day a meeting with our worthy Principal Shri. D.K. Srivastava was organized along with TLM  Exhibition under Saturday Activity of CMP .





(A)               Class I A and I B

(B)                Class III to V (Late Bloomers)


“Parent Teacher Meeting of class I and late bloomers of class III to V took place on 19/08/2017. Class I meeting started at 08:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Parents were briefed about uniform, notebook, books, tiffin’s, water bottles etc. They were also given suggestion how to help the child at home and all the do’s and don’ts which has to be taken care of by the parents at home. They were also briefed about CW/HW, and all about subject wise teaching, inclusions of values and stress on spoken English.


Class III to V meeting of the late bloomers took place from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM. Each teacher sat with parents and had a long discussion on why the child is not improving. Parents were very happy that such meeting has been conducted where they could tell about their ward activities at home and what they do at school. Few cases of health issue were identified while discussing with the parents. The parents met HM and discussed all the matter regarding there ward. They were happy with the positive attitude of the teachers. Few parents from each class did not turn up. They will be called again on 26/08/2017.





(Shipra Bhardwaj)                                                 (Durgesh Kumar Shrivastava)

         HM                                                                                               Principal