CMP Initiative



Subject : Partenership with government school

KVS has decided to provide a handholding support and proposal to such government schools which are in the close vicinity of the Vidyalaya and need support in terms of infrastructure. Today a team of Primary teachers along with the H.M. visited a near by Prathmik Vidyalaya Muttaquipur, to extend our expertise in the field of school education. Letter and photograph attached hearwith .




Shipra Bhardwaj                                                                                                                                   D.K.Srivastava

      (H.M.)                                                                                                                                                        (Principal)



71st  Independence day  was celebrated in the Vidyalaya with great enthusiasm. Prof. Ajit Prasad, Chairman, VMC and Director, IIM Lucknow, was the chief guest of the day. A short and beautiful cultural programme  was organised. Sweets were distributed by the Chief guest and the chairperson of the Vidyalaya .



( Shipra Bharadwaj )                                                                                                 ( Durgesh Kumar Srivastava)

 H.M.                                                                                                                                        Principal 


CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on the last working day of the month).





Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realized or not

Name of the teacher in charge along with designation

Effort made to improve knowledge of grammar through different activities with active involvement of all the students.









Efforts have been made to make the children write in proper cursive method of writing through different activities.



Lots of effort and encouragement is given to the children so that they can speak and express about them, their families or any simple topic given to them


Efforts have been made to understand

(a) the spatial relationship like inside – outside, top bottom etc.

(b) the basic shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, circle etc.

(c) formation of numbers.

All these were made effective through various activities



Efforts made to improve the knowledge of mathematics



2.language activity learning by doing

4.maths activity[demonstration by the teacher]

5.story telling,supw/drawing

7.Writing skill

8.poems and music



Efforts are made to improve the knowledge of environment and happening of society through the active participation of students in different in activities like location of places in maps, preparing different models and project, locating  historical places  in the maps, discussion  and demonstration



Efforts have been made to learn about various body parts and their function through various activities computer acted as a boon in this.



























Class I




























 To be able to learn vowels and their sound.

Noun, pronoun, verb, adjectives.


To make sentences of their own.

To be able to converse in English.



To make the children aware of the correct method of alphabet formation and cursive writing.

  To make the children speak and express on any simple topic given to them.



To be able to use the spatial relationships. Classifying the objects on the basis of shapes and other observable properties. Observe and describe the way shape affects movements like rolling & sliding. To enable to recognize and speak numbers 1-9, ordering of numbers 1-9. Using 1-9 in counting


All the student are very well aware  of  all the terms taught by the teacher










to be able to know about the things  of environment, the happenings of society, the different types  of helpers  and other people of  society



To be able to know about various body parts, their numbers, their functions.


To also know about their importance and taking care of them.



They are able to fill up the correct articles.


 To pick up noun, verb and adjectives from the lesson.


Able to speak in English with simple small sentences.




The children have fully grasped the cursive method of writing.

   They also try to speak about themselves and converse with each other in simple English.




The children were able to learn the spatial relationships, basic shapes and formation of numbers











The students have learnt the number and their names tables of multiplication, addition concept of more or less ascending & descending order.








The students are able to Identify all the objects, creatures and happenings of environment and society. They are able to adjust themselves in any kind of circumstances. They learn properly about the environment.



The children were able to learn about various body parts their function effectively.














              SUNITA SINGH









              SUNITA SINGH































          SUNITA SINGH